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Introduction to the Site:

This site is dedicated to the Indian Air Force, the world's fourth largest Air Force equipped with the cutting edge technology and hence ranking as one of the top fighting forces of the world.

The Indian Air Force: A brief overview

The IAF has a fascinating history of creation and evolution, and the wars it fought from WWI and WWII to the Kargil War, which will be detailed in the IAF HISTORY section. As is said, if Pakistan and China wouldn't be there, IAF would have been a mere small six squadron air force, in contrast to the-today forty-five squadron force. The IAF, never lost a war it fought (though beaten heavily at times and the Army compensated), has indulged itself into five devastating wars. Initially until 1966, IAF basically comprised of outclassed aircraft of British and French origin, and as a matter of fact, three out of five wars had been fought before this period. But then the realization of a Modern force had taken place and the first initial deliveries of the 'MiG-21 Type 77', 'Hawker Hunter' and Su-7BN Fighter-Bomber began. These were the aircraft that were to equip the next generation IAF, and hence, give a reply to the unanswered question of the enemy. The war of 1971 (detailed in History section) saw the IAF in full might. In Kargil War of 1999, the IAF demonstrated ultimate professionalism carrying out Air Defense, CAS and Strike missions in the world's 'Highest Battlefield'.

The evolution of the IAF never stopped after that and continues even today. During the recent Kargil War, when the enemy tried to test us again, they had to face the devastating results once more.


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Where to begin:

The History Section should be the place to start or initiate. But incase you interested just in IAF's Present, then better go to the 'IAF Today'.


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